6 Ways On How To Screenshot On Windows 10 Or Lower

How To Screenshot On Windows

You are browsing, writing a tutorial or ebook about something and you want to post a screenshot of it but you don’t have any idea of how to screenshot on windows 10 or any windows version below it. This is not that difficult to do as long as you have known the steps to be taken for you to do this then it’s totally possible, but yet you still don’t have any idea on how to do this then you should follow up this below procedures

How To Screenshot On Windows

1.       Using PrtScr (Keyboard Shortcut)
2.       Using Windows + PrtScr (Keyboard Shortcut)
3.       Using Windows + H (Keyboard Shortcut)
4.       Using Alt + PrtScr (Keyboard Shortcut)
5.       Using Snippet Tool (Desktop App)
6.       Using Snippet Editor (Desktop App)


How To Screenshot On Windows 10 (6 Ways)

Using PrtScr (Keyboard Shortcut)

Go to the section you want to take screenshot of, on your keyboard press PrtScr to capture your windows screen, your screenshot won’t save immediately to your system so just open any photo editing app (e.g paint) and press Ctrl+V on your keyboard, there your screenshot will appear then you save it using Ctrl + S

Using Windows + PrtScr (Keyboard Shortcut)

Windows + PrtScr with this keys you can capture your windows entire screen and it automatically saves to a specified folder in your system drive, which can be found at Pictures > Screenshot

Using Windows + H (Keyboard Shortcut)

You might want to capture a section on your windows to show some of your friends on social media, like facebook. Yeah this can be done easily by pressing this key Windows + H, it would capture your windows screen and windows share toolbar will pop up telling you to share to any of your friends either through facebook, email, twitter and so on.

Using Alt + PrtScr (Keyboard Shortcut)

You can also take screenshot of your windows screen using the Alt + PrtScr keys yes this is no different from using the PrtScr, you will also have to open an image editor and paste the picture for save.

Using Snippet Tool (Desktop App)

Windows’ built-in screenshot tool, the Snipping Tool, has been around since Windows Vista. You can find this tool in Start > All Programs > Windows Accessories > Snipping Tool. or just search manually to get it

To use the Snipping tool, open it and click New to begin the screenshot process. The default snip type is a rectangular snip (you’ll use your mouse to crop a rectangular part of your screen for capture). You can also take free-form, window, and full-screen snips with the Snipping Tool.

The Snipping Tool does not automatically save your screenshots — you will need to manually save them in the tool before you exit. It does automatically copy your captures to the clipboard.

Using Snip Editor (Desktop App)

Snip Editor, or Microsoft Snip, is a Microsoft Garage project that works a more better than the Snipping Tool. Snip Editor lets you quickly take screenshots of the entire screen, an active window, or a manually-cropped rectangle — and you can set up the PrtScn button as a shortcut to Snip Editor’s screenshot tool.


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