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Cardless Withdrawal | How To Withdraw Money From ATM Without Debit Card

Lol most people would be like, chai which one is cardless withdrawal again o, lol don’t worry you are on a safe side which is safer than you using your bank debit card.

Most of the people around the world are not familiar with this because most of the banks in Nigeria are yet to introduce it as one of their banking system. Meanwhile at the moment people prefer using their debit card from collecting money from the atm machine because they believe it’s still the best way, but yes actually it is.

Though this method of withdrawing is a new method which is yet to be used among some banks in nigeria while am quite sure there are only two banks applicable of doing this which is Access Bank and First Bank, as for me I know much more on Access Bank because it’s the bank am using while the other bank, I heard it from a friend which am not sure of. so today am going to teach you on how to withdraw money from atm without atm or Debit card which is most likely to be called cardless withdrawal, so let get to it.

The Steps listed below is only applicable to Access Bank Users only not First Bank

Before reading the below steps make sure to have installed the Access Bank Mobile Banking App you can get it from play store

Cardless Withdrawal

Step 1.

  1. Open the Access bank Mobile Banking App on your phone and Login
  2. Click on “Self Service”
  3. Select the option “Cardless Withdawal”
  4. Select the account to withdraw from
  5. Input the amount you want to withdraw (e.g 10,000)
  6. Input One Time Pin (OTP)

Step 2.

Now head over to a nearest atm machine and follow this below procedures

  1. Tap “Enter”
  2. Select “Paycode Cashout”
  3. Input the token number (amount you are to withdraw)
  4. Input the One Time Pin (OTP)
  5. Wait for your ATM to process your payment
  6. Collect Cash
  7. Submit


Pros and Cons

Here are few things to note which is also applicable to those using the Access Bank Debit Card


  • It’s an atm withdrawal without Debit or Credit Card



  • The Maximum Amount that can be withdrawn at once is #20,000
  • The Daily Limit for ATM withdrawals is #150,000

I’d guess with this Quick guide, you can successfully withdraw from atm maching without you using your ATM Card, it’s simple fast and easy kindly comment your suggestion on this, and your comment would be highly appreciated



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