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How To Block Skype Ads On Android, Windows and MacOs

Are you on Skype but you getting annoyed with silly advertisements that keeps on popping up anywhere I your profile, at first Did you know you can block skype ads yes you can, you wish to but you do not know how to block it, yes today am going to teach you how to block skype ads on MacOs, Windows and Android devices so let get to it.

How To Block Skype Ads On:

  1. Android

  • To disable Microsoft targeted ads in the Skype app, follow the below procedure:
  • Open Skype
  • Tap on the Menu
  • Select “Settings“.
  • Uncheck “Allow Microsoft targeted ads“.


  1. Windows

  • On your desktop screen, press Windows + S on your keyboard to open your windows search bar
  • Input Internet options in the search bar and if found then click it
  • Then a script will pop up on your desktop screen showing you list of internet properties
  • Select the second tab “Security” and select “Restricted Sites” at the right hand side on the dialogue tap on “Sites
  • Another tab pops up telling you to “Add Sites” kindly type in and select “Add” the site would be added to the box below the window
  • Add another site and click “Close” then “Ok
  • After that open your Skype app to start flexing without you getting annoyed with silly advertisements


  1. Mac

This method will help you block the addresses of Skype’s ad servers by adding them to your Mac’s hosts file. You’ll need the administrator password to do this.

You should only complete this method if you’re comfortable using your Mac’s command line.

  • Open your Finder window.You can usually do this by clicking the Finder icon (a smiling face that’s half gray, half blue) in the Dock.
  • Click Applications.It’s in the left sidebar. This displays a list of applications on your computer.
    Double-click the 
    Utilities folder
  • Double-click Terminal.This opens a terminal window, where you can enter commands and edit text files.
  • Type sudo nano /etc/hosts at the prompt and press Return. You will be prompted to enter your password
  • Type your administrator/root password and press Return. Once your password is accepted, your Mac’s hosts file will open in a text editor called Nano.
  • Use the arrow keys to place the cursor below the last line.The line should be blank except for the cursor.
  • Type 0.0.1and press Tab . A space will appear after the number
  • Type api.comand press  Return. The cursor will move to the beginning of the next line, where you’ll enter a second address and host name.
  • Type 0.0.1and press Tab .
  • Type ad.comand press  Return.
  • Press Control+O.This saves the changes you made to the hosts file.
  • Press Control+X.This exits the hosts file and brings you back to the command line. Now that you’ve made changes to the hosts file, you’ll need to flush your Mac’s DNS cache to finish blocking the ads
  • Type sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponderand press  Return. You will be prompted to enter the password once more.
  • Type the administrator/root password and press Return. In a few moments, your computer’s DNS server will restart. You should now be able to use the Skype app on your Mac without advertisements.

You may see errors where ads would otherwise appear both n windows and skype, but they shouldn’t affect the functions of Skype.


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