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How To Copy And Paste On Mac

Are you new to Apple keyboard? A newbie finds it difficult using the Apple keyboard because he/she doesn’t know the functionality of it keys and most of all doesn’t know how to copy and paste on Mac.

copy and pasting words or files on Mac is as easy as you think but most of the newbie doesn’t seem to understand because they don’t know the command keys required to do it, so today am teaching you a quick tutorial on how to copy and paste on Mac, so let get to it.

How To Copy And Paste On Mac

This is just the basic method of copy and paste which all mac or windows users are familiar with. So how to do it
Locate the pictures or words you want to copy left click on your mouse and drag cursor over the text to highlight it and right click to manually select the “copy” option and from there you get the “paste” option. With this you can copy any files of your choosing, but don’t you think it’s a little bit stressed for you copying and pasting files manually using the basic method, why not let us try the automated one.


Go to the words you are about to copy and paste then highlight it.
To highlight a text, just left click on your mouse and drag it all over the words you are about to copy

Press the command keys, on a old Mac you will find an apple logo, but on the new macs you should find a set of circles below the X key.

To copy the words just tap and hold onto the key and press the C key to copy your text

To paste your text tap and hold on to the command key and press the V key to paste your text.

This is just the easiest way on how to copy and paste on mac guys drop your reviews and comment, if this helps you invite your friend over and learn.


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