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How To Get 1.5GB For 150 Naira On MTN

We are here at it again, a new blazing and hot Che.. Sorry this is not a MTN cheat it’s just a regular data you can buy just like you buying your normal data from MTN. Yeah so how to got about it.

Just of recent MTN lunched a new plan with the name Mpulse it’s on this plan you can be able to activate this data, so let get to it

To migrate to Mpulse dial *344*1# after then dial *344*2*1*2# to purchase your data. Before you purchase your data make sure you have up to #150 on your SIM before you could try this.

After successful purchase, you won’t be able to browse nor download with the data, so this is where I will introduce you to a app called KPN Tunnel it’s with this app you’d be able to power the data for you to be able to browse the internet.


Files To Download
KPN Tunnel Download Here
KPN Config File Download Here


How to Setup

  • Install The KPN Tunnel app after successful installation

How To Get 1.5GB For 150 Naira On MTN

  • Open it and tap on the 3buttons at the top right > Config > Import
  • Now locate the configuration file u downloaded and tap it for import

How To Get 1.5GB For 150 Naira On MTN

  • After successful import, tap on the button at the center and Tick SSH TUNNEL once you are done, then go back
  • Tap START to start enjoying your data.


How To Connect To PC (no Root required)

Yes you can also use this trick on your PC all you need is an app called pdaNet+


PdaNet is a powerful app used mainly for tethering internet connections between two devices especially mobile device and a PC. With PdaNet, you don’t necessarily need both device to have WiFi technology as it can tether through WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB connections. One great features that makes PdaNet outperform other tethering app is that it tethers even VPN data from your phone which your normal tethering apps on your phone can’t do. This app is the solution and the best app to easily use your Psiphon, Tweakware and any other app cheats on PC.

How to Connect

PdaNet+ for PC
PdaNet+ for Android 

Download and install on both devices the file on Both devices

1. Open PdaNet+ on both devices
2. There are three methods for connection which are USB Tether, Bluetooth and WiFi connection method In your Phone, Tick the connection method you want to use (make sure your phone is connected to your PC with USB, and enable USB Debugging).
3. Now on your PC, open the PdaNet app and select the method of connection you just selected on your phone.
4. Now click on connect on your PC
That’s all, you will see network connection on your PC and you will be able to enjoy your free browsing both on PC and Android.
Note: Don’t Use this on Windows 10 beecause there’s no how you can minimize data usage, until you use Hotspot connection, through PdaNet+
Enjoy your Data while it last….



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