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How To Transfer Money Using Ecobank Transfer Code

Most ecobank users finds it difficult transferring money to other Banks or same bank as theirs because don’t like to wait on cashiers table at the bank and some does not have data to use the mobile app, here I will teach you the most possible ways to use the ecobank transfer code with your device. Ecobank normal ussd is *326# most people knows about it and can’t use to to make transfers from a bank to another so here’s a full tutorial you must learn to make your transaction complete.

How To Use Ecobank Transfer Code

Using the ecobank transfer code is very easy and fast if you have your phone number registered to your ecobank account. Open your dial pad, the code to transfer is *326# when you dial this code on the number used with your Ecobank account, a prompt will come up, follow the instruction closely to be able to complete the transfer. Ecobank provides very detailed instruction on how to use the code.

How To Recharge Your Phone Using Ecobank Transfer Code

To buy airtime for your phone number registered with your ecobank account, dial the code *326*, make sure you dial the code on the phone number you registered with your ecobank account, if you dial the code on another phone number the code will not work, the code to dial is *326*1*amount#. example: *326*1*100*, after successful recharge the money will be deducted directly from your ecobank account.

To recharge other phones it could be one of your families or friends dial *326# from your phone and follow the prompt

If you’re in Kenya – dial *335#
If you’re in Uganda – dial *235#
If you’re in Tanzania – dial *150*18#


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