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3 Ways To Screenshot On Infinix Hot 5

What do I mean by the word screenshot
most people are familiar with the word “Screenshot” but those new to android are the one not familiar to it, taking a screenshot on your infinix hot 5 is just like capturing your phone screen to form a picture used for different purposes. Today in tutorial am going to guide you through 3 ways to screenshot on infinix hot 5 under 3 seconds.

How To Screenshot On Infinix Hot 5

1st Method

Most of all android users are familiar with this method of screenshot, which is to hold on to your device Power Button + Lower Volume Button or Power Button + Minimize Button at the same time to take your screenshot under 3 seconds.

But do you know that this method isn’t perfect because if it goes on like that you can end up destroying both your power button and volume button, which is not good enough, that is why you should go through all methods in this post to learn a easier means of taking a screenshot perfectly using different methods.

2nd Method

This is the second and most easiest means of taking a screenshot on your phone that will do no harm to your device, it is more faster and better because you will not be using any button for this process. To do this

Step 1: Select the spot you want to capture

Step 2: Drag down your notification bar twice, it will look like this

Step 3: locate the screenshot icon and tap on it, and wait for it to screen capture your phone screen on the selected part.

This process works faster and also screen capture your screen under a second.

3rd Method

This method is scarce, very scarce which almost infinix hot 5 or infinix users don’t know about this process which am going to reveal to you guys now, it’s just a one time setup with no app required to do.

Step 1: Go to your Settings > Gesture & Motion and enable the option, Take Screenshot with 3 fingers.

Step 2: after enabling the option, for you to take a screenshot just select the spot you want to capture

Step 3: Hold on to your phone, and swipe down or swipe up 3 fingers on your phone screen to take a screenshot under a second if gesture is drawn successfully

This are the ways in which you can take a screenshot with your infinix hot 5 which works successfully and fine. Kindly drop your suggestions for this post if it works well for you or not



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