Android Q Features | What To Expect

Android OS has been working to provide a new update to the android community expected to be released on the 3rd of September 2019 giving it new and updated features and giving excitement to its users. Android Q also is known as Android Version 10 here are what you should expect from the upcoming update.

Android Q Features

Android Q


Navigation Gestures

Android provides a new navigation gesture to the OS which provides a new way to slide through your content and also makes it easier to navigate through your device giving the device a modern look.

Dark Mode

This is one of the biggest update added to the Android OS, we’ve seen dark mode on devices like Xiaomi but does not give a completely dark-themed as we expect but with Android 10, Google has integrated the Dark mode on all google apps making the Dark mode more effective on both System and Google apps with which we expect on other third-party apps through app updates.


This is a really big update to the Android Q in the previous update of the Android OS we can apply themes but the Android Q added a few modifications to it making it possible to re-design your device changing its Accent color, fonts and icon visibility.

App Permissions

With Android Q app permissions are remodified making it easier to set up permission for your apps setting it to any duration you want, unlike the previous update where permission is permanently turned on until you wished to switch it off.

Notification Options

In Android P, notifications are been dismissed when swiped to either side of the screen from left to right or right to left but with Android Q, Notifications are been dismissed when swiped to the right and for other options of the notifications you’ll swipe left to disable or enable notification from a certain app

These are majorly the biggest updates we should expect on the upcoming Android Q with which the name is yet to be revealed until it releases. Drop your suggestion below about these features maybe it met your expectations or not.



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