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How To Enable Dark Mode On WhatsApp Web PC

The Dark mode for WhatsApp web is an excellent feature integrated on 2019 devices and applications which lets you switch the color theme of an entire operating system to black or color more closer to it to prevent straining of the eyes to also save device battery.

Dark Mode on WhatsApp web

Google Chrome

  • Click here to download and install stylus it’s a chrome extension that allows you to apply themes to specific websites
  • Click this link to access the theme available to use for WhatsApp which we suggest is the best for dark theme
  • Kindly tap Install Style, open WhatsApp web to see your dark theme activated

Mozilla Firefox

The Firefox Brower has the same procedures as the Chrome Browser

  • Download and Install stylus add-on from firefox official site
  • install the dark theme from here

To Turn Off Dark Mode

  • Open Whatsapp web
  • Tap on the stylus icon at the top right corner of your screen
  • untick the WhatsApp dark style to revert back to default WhatsApp color


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