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Jumia is a large online shopping network across Africa, providing the best quality products at the best price and getting them at a specified date, did you know you can earn as you shop on Jumia? Yes you can with Jforce you can earn while you buy items on Jumia, Here’s what you should know about Jumia Jforce and how to earn with it.

Jumia Jforce works more like an affiliate program that pays a particular commission of goods you bought on the Jumia website. If you buy a lot of things from the Jumia website with Jforce you can earn commissions back on the goods bought and get paid at the end of the month depending on how well you purchase things on the online store, For you to gain commission on every product you must first sign up to the program to become a Jumia agent.

How It Works

To sign up an account to become a Jumia agent, kindly open the Jforce website then a web page will show up like this kindly click on Start Now!

you can either signup with your Gmail or Facebook account kindly input anyone that suits you and follow up the remaining procedures to complete your signing

just make sure you sign up with the same email as on your Jumia account, your Jforce account would be accessed in the next 24 hours and you’ll receive a call saying if your account is approved or not.

Jforce Commission

If you buy items a lot on this online platform you can earn close to 10,000 per month depending on the rate which you buy things, On every category Jumia pays a certain commission from 5%-20% on each product you buy from Jumia but best delivers a better commission on tech products (e.g buying a phone of 40,000 receiving 4,000 commission which is 10%)

jumia jforce

Jforce Levels

Jumia Jforce develops an infographic stating each level for every Jumia agent moving from Probation to the Captain level, each level gives better commissions over every product which can be granted depending on how well you purchase things on the online store and therefore referring people which is also known as creating a team.

Jforce Team

The Jforce Team could also be regarded as referring people to be a Jumia agent by registering under you. Having team members grant you more advantages of moving to the Captain level and therefore getting more commission on every product each team member gets.

How To Get sales

As a Jumia agent, you can get sales through.


You can advertise on any social media platform as a Jumia agent for you to get people to buy through your account and you get a commission on whatever product they purchased.

Buying Through You

You can call on any of your friends who want to buy on Jumia to buy through you and you get commissions from them.

This provides the best ways in which you can get sales as a Jumia agent


Being a Jumia agent grants you a way to make money off Jumia which I think delivers another way of getting money into your pocket. Being a Jumia agent grants you more opportunities to more open offers and coupon that Jumia delivers directly to their agent which gives you more discounts on every product, being a Jumia agent gives a lot of advantages which makes it more profitable to the agents.



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