ORAIMO Launches Tempo 2 OFB-20 Fitness Band: Designed To Help You Understand Your Workout

What you have on your wrist might determine just how well you understand your workout. Exercising in the 21st century means that you can depend on more than just the scale and the mirror to track your progress.

Technology has given Nigerians access to more detailed data than ever before, directly on our wrists in the form of fitness trackers. Whether you want a full-blown smart device for an immersive wearable experience or just a fitness-oriented timepiece to record your laps and splits, starting from health tracking to receiving messages or social media notifications, smart fit bands serve multiple needs of today’s consumer.

Oraimo, the smart accessories brand from TRANSITION Holdings, has launched its latest product in Nigeria, the oraimo Tempo 2 OFB-20 fitness band.

Oraimo Tempo 2 OFB-20 fitness band is designed for everyone, whether you’re a young person who enjoys physical exercise or someone who doesn’t have time to exercise on a daily basis, oraimo Tempo 2 will monitor all your vital signs and provide feedback on your health. It’s fantastic, isn’t it?

The dashing Tempo 2 OFB-20, comes with a bigger multi-color display, relieving the stress of viewing tiny texts and numbers in direct extreme sunlight or in the dark. In addition to the big screen, Tempo 2 actively monitors heart rate and is claimed to offer advanced low energy consumption technology which helps the device to stay active up to 20 days.

The Tempo 2 measures steps count, calculate distance covered and calories burnt during workout in different training modules including rope skipping, running and bicycling.
According to Mr. Oladoyin Olusegun, oraimo Nigeria Sales and Marketing manager, “Tempo 2 is a smart fit band with mind blowing features.

The gesture wakes up the screen when the user lifts up or turn the wrist to see the band display. You can directly view your mobile screen and WhatsApp messages on the screen via Bluetooth connectivity. It’s impressive feature IP67 water resistant can allow you rinse your hands without having to worry about water splash, durability, dust, sweat or anything else.”

Adding on to the exterior and convenience, the strap of the fit band comes with an in-built USB port thereby, ensuring ease of plugging and charging. oraimo also offers a one-year replacement warranty with all of its fitness trackers.

The oraimo Tempo 2 OFB-20 is already listed on oraimo’s official website, you can read more about the fit band specifications. Finding oraimo tempo 2 fit band is easy as it is now available across smart accessories retail stores nationwide, you can also shop for oraimo online via Jumia and Konga.

Visit oraimo social media pages for promotions and giveaways: Follow @oraimoclub on Instagram@oraimomate on Twitter@oraimoNigeria on Facebook.
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